Hi, I’m Sarah. More likely to respond to Sas, Sares or a variety of other things. Welcome!

Artist, jeweller, summer child, music lover, water baby, warrior, dreamer…

This blog is about no one single thing, it’s about the kaleidoscope that is life; the rainbow light prism through which thoughts flow.

It’s about the things I LOVE
The things I want to CHANGE
The things that INSPIRE me
The things that CHALLENGE me
The things that PUZZLE me
The things that AMAZE me
The things that make me SMILE
The things that make me CRY
The things that CONNECT us

And above all else, the things I’ve learnt and continue to learn from it all.

"Every person is unique. You have to find and respect that unique part in yourself. You can’t expect others to do the work for you. I believe a personality is like a labyrinth where you can make a wonderful journey — and that journey can take a lifetime."
~ Tori Amos

This is a space to share that journey and I do hope you’ll join me. If you have a question, please feel free to drop me an email.