Thursday, August 18, 2011

"In My Head", She Said: Why supporting creative projects matters.

""In My Head", She Said' is a project that aims to highlight the diversity, complexity and creativity of the female mind by asking women from all walks of life to publish their experiences and philosophies in an encompassing and respectful environment."

“Gratitude”. Amazing what one simple word can inspire.  The funny thing is, what it inspired was not directly related to gratitude at all -  It just happened to be the topic of conversation with Tori Amos that made Carly Bramwell realise that we don’t hear women voicing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on things like this anywhere near often enough.

Like most good ideas, the “In My Head”, She Said project has grown and changed and evolved many times since the initial idea was sparked. The project now boasts an ever-growing, impressive line up of female musicians including Lissie, The Pierces, Hannah Peel, The Smoke Fairies, and Sea Of Bees, who all share their thoughts on a diverse range of topics giving insight into the minds of these creative women. This short series of interview snippets gives you a great taste of what’s to come…

One of the things that struck me right away was just how much I could relate to almost all of these women; how many of these threads of thought existed in some form in my own mind. Immediately it made sense of why I relate to the music of some, and it had me eagerly listening to others with new ears.

The truth is that thought is as important to creativity as paint on the canvas or chords on guitar - Thought is the very heart of creativity. And ‘art’ is the medium through which so many communicate those thoughts. Whether it be music or painting or poetry, very often this is how we express and connect to thoughts and emotions. Hearing the thoughts behind the songs that reach you, expanded upon and explored in detail is something I find as inspiring as the music itself. It inspires me to think; it inspires me to create; it inspires life. It’s the sort of inspiration that’s integral to living a creative life, and that is exactly why I think projects like this one are so vitally important and worthwhile.

The next stages of “In My Head”, She Said will include acoustic sessions, more interviews and possibly a few other surprises. One of those hopefully will see the project return to the original inspiration, interviewing the amazing woman that is Tori Amos.

Like so many creative ventures, one of the biggest hurdles has been funding and right now it’s what stands in the way of some of the next filming planned. And this is where creative communities can be so amazing – I know few projects that have succeeded without the help and support of other artists pitching in where they can. In that spirit(and that of the project itself), I have donated a mounted print of the portrait I gave Tori when I met her in 2009, and all donations over £15 will go into the draw to win it(bear in mind this print cannot be purchased elsewhere). If you’re able to contribute ANY amount to this amazing, inspiring project please follow the link below – I know it will be so greatly appreciated. Closing date for the draw is 21st August.
*non-Tori fans, I’m happy to change to any other print in my RB folio if you happen to win.

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