Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quotation: Call Of Freedom

“We say, ‘you know it in the head, but don’t know it in the heart’. There is an extraordinary distance from the head to the heart, a distance of ten, twenty, thirty years or a lifetime. You can know something in the head for forty years and it may never have touched the heart. But only when you have realised it in the heart, do you really begin to take notice of it.”
- Carl Jung -

"As a bird soars high
into the free holding of wind,
clear of the uncertainty of ground,
She opened her wings of imagination.
Soaring into the grace of creativity -
She flew past restlessness
satisfying her hunger for flight.
In that instant, she awakened
to the call of freedom
and knew who she was."
- Stephey Baker -

 "There's a light on humanity's horizon and it is beckoning to all of us. We can't see it with the outer eye but only with the inner eye. It's like a magnet that's drawing us toward a different kind of life on earth, one in which love is the new bottom line."
- Marianne Willliamson -

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